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Project DeFined

Project DeFined is a skill, job training, and apprenticeship program specifically tailored to youth ages 12-18 to assist them in finding and developing what educational or vocational journey best suits their interests and professional growth. The skills learned through Project DeFined can potentially lead to employment opportunities, entrepreneurship, and support the development of integral life skills critical to success. Project DeFined also strives to ensure youth are provided holistic developmental assistance and resources with the integration of mental health education and advocacy interwoven in each session as a platform for youth to positively levitate their voices and expand their thought processes and perspectives.

Coming soon! Project DeFined will host monthly Skills Day events. Registration will be required. More information to follow. If interested, please make contact.

TableTalk: DeFined

TableTalk: DeFined is catered to an adult audience and provides the perfect outlet and safe space for women to meet each other where they are while witnessing the greater good of their stories. During these quarterly sessions, facilitators and guest speakers walk with women through their transformation with authenticity, transparency, and love. Through transparent conversations, we hope to open each participant’s heart and mind to who they are divinely created to be. Understanding the importance of strengthening the mind as well as the heart, mental health resources are gracefully incorporated throughout conversations as we recognize that God heals only what we are willing to release.


Where Girls Support Girls

ShineTime was initially established on December 16, 2015. In 2019, we took a hiatus. On August 6, 2022, our paint and sip revived the conversation around ShineTime and re-ignited our passion to serve. We are pleased to announce ShineTime is back!

It is a safe space for young ladies ages 12-18 to gather for fluid conversation around any topic. We meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays monthly. We allow young ladies an opportunity to express themselves without judgment. They are encouraged to unmute their voices to strengthen the art of communication. ShineTime encourages young ladies to utilize their gift of serving through community activities and girls supporting girls. We have many things in store and welcome our young people’s ideas and suggestions.

  • Each session begins promptly at 5 pm with prayer and I AM statements
  • Each session includes an activity, conversation, and/or a guest speaker
  • Come with an expectation to receive something greater
  • Listen to learn and become a better representation of ourselves
  • Allow us to hear with the intent to move in love
  • Allow us to seek to understand one another
  • Exhibit respect for self and others
  • When necessary, agree to disagree
  • Each session ends promptly at 7 pm with a prayer

ShineTime welcomes sponsorship and donations.

Are you an adult woman interested? Join us! You will not be disappointed.

We hope to see you at the next ShineTime!